17 thoughts on “Cephalopods

  1. Sorry but I am calling foul….. or photoshop rather. The light reflections on the plates are far to similar for this to be legit.

  2. I'm flattered. Don't worry, no pancakes were photoshopped during the making of this breakfast. I did put each one on the same plate for a picture though.

  3. I guess you're just going to have to make more videos on YouTube to prove these are real! Seems like a win win to me! Ha. Great work

  4. Seems like it has to do with how much butter/oil is painted into different areas? More butter = darker color when applied to heat. Maybe?

  5. So much awesomeness! 'Would love to see a youtube tutorial on how to do this.

    I assume you're using some sort of syringe to apply the batter…?

  6. My guess is he "painted" the darker areas first, using some sort of syringe for the batter, so that they cooked the longest on the griddle; the lighter areas were added last, meaning they didn't cook as long.

  7. You have the coolest Dad skill ever! These are incredible. Thank you so much for posting videos showing how you create these. Genius!

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