Ugly Pancake Contest Winners

My 4-year old son, Gryphon, selected the UPC Best of Show, though many pancakes boasted top prize in their respective categories. 

Best of Show – Mike Daughters
”Mine don’t taste as good either.”
You can put it in the trash.  You'll have to dump it out.

Weirdest – Kaibeezy Tentroy
”6-year-old said ’alien pancakes!’ and consumed the invaders.”
It's Yuck.  It looks like poop.

Rorschach Award – Noel Chow
”Making an ugly pancake was harder than I thought! it was not a matter of random splatter though it had to look like it.”


Best Tribute – Matthew Petty
“the worst was a pancake for my ex-Deadhead wife based on the cover of the Grateful Dead LP ‘Steal Your Face’”
I don't think I would like that one either

Least Pancake-Like – Julia Strand
”The pancake is constructed completely of pancake batter, food coloring, fruit, and nuts.  We ate it up and it was delicious.”
He doesn't sort of look yummy

Least Recognizable – Heather Nickell
”I Googled ‘world’s ugliest dog’ for inspiration, but this being my first attempt at making fancy pancakes, it didn’t really turn out how I planned and the kids thought it was a strange mushroom.”
It's good.  We don't have to get rid of that one.

Most Psychedelic – Erick Shemkovitz’s son
“No, it’s not a crab with bunny ears.”

Joaquin Phoenix Award – Hannah Wong
”In my head I thought, I must write backwards. I must. So I wrote ‘cakepan’…and by the time I got to the N I was laughing so hard because I wrote it the right way, not the mirror image way.”
Uhhh, it's pretty, pret-ty nice.bye-good_1207429i

Least Appetizing – Beth Septapus
”It’s supposed to be a tapeworm…yep!”
Get rid of it.

Ugliest Bunny – Nat Conner and Jess Orz
”We had fun trying to make the ugly pancakes.”
That one's good.  But we should get rid of that one 'cuz it doesn't look good.

Most Intellectual – Peter Conerly
”…a pancake face throwing up more pancake.”
11-peter conerly

Ugly Pancake Contest

Well, the artsy pancakes didn’t materialize this weekend, but you know what did?  This ugly thing.
Think you can make an uglier pancake? 
1. It must be mostly pancake batter, and cooked like a pancake.
2. You (or someone) must eat it.
You have until Saturday, May 19, to send me a photo of your creation.  Winner will be chosen by my 4-year-old son.  Honorable mentions will also be included on the site.  Send your photo(s), title, and explanation to