Junco nest

We found a junco nest with four eggs in the tall grass in our yard.

I set up a webcam and put wire fence around the nest to keep raccoons out; here’s the live feed from the nest: http://youtube.com/nathanshields/live

I didn’t want to interfere too much, but when the four eggs had dwindled to two (snakes? rats?) I put up a makeshift wall.  A chick hatched shortly thereafter.

1-2016-07-07 18.34.05

Pancake’s inspired by my daughter’s latest favorite book.

(Endorsement unsolicited: http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=378 )


Platonic solids

Here are three of the five Platonic solids (octahedron, cube, and tetrahedron) – I left the other two for future projects since my fingers were turning quite red by the end.  This was more of a proof of concept than a practical way to make breakfast.

Awhile back I made a set of the [2d projections of] regular polyhedrons in the typical pancake way:

platonic solids pancakes[5]